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Dr. Charles Linderman

Co-Founder and Director

Dr. Linderman, the Founder and General Director of AscendisMed for over 20 years, firmly believes that no one should profit from another’s illness or suffering. Under his leadership, AscendisMed has been dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes, while strictly adhering to NFP and NGO protocols. This commitment enables AscendisMed to continuously enhance its infrastructure and support economically disadvantaged individuals in each country it operates.

Having trained as a General Surgeon at Fairview/Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Linderman then served as an associate with the top Surgical Team on the East Side of Cleveland (Bogard and Magisano Inc). This role afforded him a valuable opportunity to refine his skills in patient care and surgery.

In his current role, Dr. Linderman focuses on two main priorities: Clinical Oversight, which includes medical care and the production of Trauma Evacuation Plans, and rotating through all countries of service to ensure the highest standards of quality and control are maintained.

Dr. Linderman is honored to serve in this capacity and is committed to proving himself worthy of the trust and responsibilities placed upon him.

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Dr. Paula Dickey

Regional Director East Africa

It would be extremely difficult to overstate the capability, experience, and talent that Dr. Paula brings to AscendisMed. With a life dedicated to selfless service, Dr. Paula carries a wealth of diverse experience and expertise.

Her extensive career includes serving as a Medical Officer for the U.S. Peace Corps in multiple countries, including Albania, Togo, Botswana, Kiribati, Guinea, and Ukraine. Dr. Paula has also held key leadership roles as the Country Director for the American Refugee Committee (ARC) in Uganda/Sudan and for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Guinea, West Africa. With a multifaceted background that includes roles as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, Field Coordinator, Public Health Trainer, and Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Paula’s expertise covers a wide range of healthcare settings and regions. This rich tapestry of experience makes her an invaluable asset to AscendisMed. Currently, she is the Acting Regional Director and Founder of AscendisMed in Juba.

The success of AscendisMed’s activities in East Africa is largely attributable to Dr. Paula’s leadership and vision.”

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Dr. Entela Shehu

Country Director Albania

Entela Shehu joined AscendisMed in 2022 at a crucial turning point, following the consolidation of MRDCi’s medical infrastructure amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was marked by numerous miraculous stories. Under Dr. Shehu’s leadership, AscendisMed has undergone remarkable positive transformations. These include the integration of Primary Care Services, the implementation of a patient-friendly Electronic Medical Records and enrollment system, the upgrading of the ambulance fleet, and the expansion of the case facilitator program. These initiatives reflect a dedication to service excellence and a forward-thinking approach in enhancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services for the AscendisMed community.

Prior to joining AscendisMed, Dr. Shehu had an illustrious and extensive career in various health management positions across both public and private health institutions. Holding a Master of Public Health from Boston University and a medical degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob-Gyn) from the University of Tirana, she brings a robust background in both medical studies and public health to her role.

AscendisMed is honored to have Dr. Shehu serving in this critical role.

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Dr. Herbert Turyagyenda

Regional Director South Sudan

Dr. Turyagyenda, affectionately known as Dr. Herbert, has been posted as the Country Director in South Sudan for over five years.

His training at some of Uganda’s finest institutions propelled him into a distinguished career that includes numerous roles with prestigious International NGOs.

During his tenure at AscendisMed, there has been a notable enhancement in the services offered, coupled with a steadfast commitment to meeting or exceeding the international standard of medical care.

Dr. Turyagyenda is both respected and loved by his patients and colleagues alike. Known for his warm demeanor and remarkable ability to recall names and patient histories, he is an invaluable member of AscendisMed.


Carl Burch

Regional Director Uganda

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