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Charles G. Linderman, MD, FACS

Co-Founder and Director

Dr. Linderman, the Founder and General Director of AscendisMed for over 20 years, firmly believes that no one should profit from another’s illness or suffering. Under his leadership, AscendisMed has been dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes, while strictly adhering to NFP and NGO protocols. This commitment enables AscendisMed to continuously enhance its infrastructure and support economically disadvantaged individuals in each country it operates.

Having trained as a General Surgeon at Fairview/Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Linderman then served as an associate with the top Surgical Team on the East Side of Cleveland (Bogard and Magisano Inc). This role afforded him a valuable opportunity to refine his skills in patient care and surgery.

In his current role, Dr. Linderman focuses on two main priorities: Clinical Oversight, which includes medical care and the production of Trauma Evacuation Plans, and rotating through all countries of service to ensure the highest standards of quality and control are maintained.

Dr. Linderman is honored to serve in this capacity and is committed to proving himself worthy of the trust and responsibilities placed upon him.


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Patient care is not a For-Profit activity, AscendisMed insists and working for excellent outcomes and providing care that easily withstands international scrutiny.

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