Medical center

We are honored to be the preferred choice of diplomats, international organizations, and prominent visitors. Our discreet and tailored experiences cater to the privacy and comfort of esteemed guests.

Services Offered

     Retention of a 24/7 Trauma and life support

Our commitment to round-the-clock care ensures that patients receive swift and effective assistance in the face of trauma, providing stabilization and life-saving measures when needed most.

22     `After hours` emergency medical care

Ensuring that expert assistance is readily available beyond regular operating hours. Our dedicated team is prepared to address urgent medical needs, offering prompt and specialized care during evenings, weekends, and holidays.

33     Fully equipped ambulance support

We are providing fully equipped ambulance support for swift and high-quality emergency medical response, equipped with advanced life-saving equipment to ensure optimal care during critical situations.

44     Trauma surgeon, ICU, & Anesthesia ready

Ascendis Medical Center is equipped with a trauma surgeon, ICU facilities, and anesthesia readiness, ensuring immediate and comprehensive care for critical cases and surgical interventions.

55     X-ray, U/S, High Res CT / Pacs - Retained Board Certified Radiologist

AscendisMed Medical Center features X-ray, ultrasound (U/S), and high-resolution CT scanning capabilities with a retained Board Certified Radiologist overseeing and interpreting results through the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

66     Clinician consultation for routine to life-threatening emergencies

Offering clinician consultations for a wide range of medical concerns, from routine health inquiries to life-threatening emergencies, our services guarantee personalized and timely care for individuals at every level of urgency.

77     Full range Laboratory

A full-range laboratory equipped to conduct comprehensive diagnostic tests, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments to support the diverse healthcare needs of our patients.

88     `Tie in`with evacuation service & clearance/oversight

Our full-range laboratory seamlessly ties in with our evacuation service, offering not only diagnostic capabilities but also ensuring coordinated clearance and oversight, providing a holistic approach to patient care.

99     ICU/Step-down isolation units with high flow O2 and ventilator support

Boasts specialized ICU/Step-down isolation units, featuring advanced capabilities such as high-flow oxygen and ventilator support, ensuring optimal care for patients requiring intensive respiratory assistance in a controlled environment.

1010     Medical decision making guided by international standard

Adheres to international standards in medical decision-making, ensuring that patient care is guided by globally recognized best practices and protocols, maintaining a commitment to excellence and safety in healthcare.

1111     Secure premises available to those retaining AscendisMed services

A secure premises is made available exclusively to individuals retaining AscendisMed services at AscendisMed Medical Center, ensuring a protected and confidential environment for personalized healthcare experiences.

Dr. Herbert Turyagyenda​

Country Director South Sudan

Dr. Turyagyenda, affectionately known as Dr. Herbert, has been posted as the Country Director in South Sudan for over five years.

His training at some of Uganda’s finest institutions propelled him into a distinguished career that includes numerous roles with prestigious International NGOs.

During his tenure at AscendisMed, there has been a notable enhancement in the services offered, coupled with a steadfast commitment to meeting or exceeding the international standard of medical care.

Dr. Turyagyenda is both respected and loved by his patients and colleagues alike. Known for his warm demeanor and remarkable ability to recall names and patient histories, he is an invaluable member of AscendisMed.


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