Major Industry

AscendisMED has more than 20 years of providing world-class general medical/trauma support to remote and extremely remote regions (Albania, Kosovo, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan).

Ascendis Power

Our service to Major Industry is a cornerstone of AscendisMed. We have more than 20 years of experience creating the necessary infrastructure and Emergency Medical Plans (EMP) that easily withstand Ministerial Oversight.

Guided by a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, our Medical Emergency Response is second to none. Navigating effortlessly and leveraging unmatched therapeutic potential, we always prioritize our client’s best interests. 

Not just lives saved – We stand as your shield with medical-legal matters and by keeping projects compliant with the Ministries of Health and Labor. We use the top local and international talent to give you the best of both worlds.

Cost-effective, not-for-profit. It’s time to enroll your project or organization now!

FTW Compliance

Compliance with State and Ministry of Labor laws for Fit to Work (FTW) clearance and employee medical support.

Seamless Transitions

Moving effortlessly between state, private, and not-for-profit hospitals, can leverage substantial therapeutic potential to support the client’s best interest and a medical center’s financial incentive.

Following ATLS protocol

Following ATLS protocol with a 5 Tier Staged Trauma Response, AscendisMed is unparalleled in its trauma outcomes.

Safeguarding Projects

Second only to lives saved AscendisMed the client’s appreciation for AscendisMed keeping their project in perfect compliance with State Regulators (no successful fine has ever been levied against MRDCi in more than 20 years – taking pride in providing a buffer between the government and industry in all medical related audits).

Elevating Care Globally

With all our clinical decision-making guided by the ACS standards of Care and UpToDate clinical practice standards – AscendisMed moves any Medical/Legal question about care provided to the International Stand of Care – In most countries, AscendisMed is present, the International Standards are not known or not followed.

Crafting Turn-Key Solutions for Medical Excellence

AscendisMed can produce Turn-Key options for new Industry projects in the country or step in and standardize the medical response in existing projects.

Managing Tier II and Tier III medical centres

AscendisMed has much experience managing Tier II and Tier III medical centers to meet a project’s needs.

A Mission-Wide Leap to 100% Digital Healthcare

On December 1st, 2023, Availia is proud to launch a mission-wide upgrade to Clinecea EHR (Electronic Hospital Records) system – allowing all medical centers and project service delivery points to be 100% digital and communicate seamlessly locally and internationally.

Staff Health with Cost-Effective Excellence

AscendisMed is the most cost-effective option, secondary to its not-for-profit status and having a practical balance, pulling the advantages of an international service provider while working with the most talented local staff. – Your staffer’s health is never for profit.

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Patient care is not a For-Profit activity, AscendisMed strives for excellent outcomes and provides care that easily withstands international scrutiny.

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