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Our dedication to creating positive change takes center stage. We believe in the power of compassion and the ability of collective action to transform lives. Explore our ongoing journey of making a meaningful impact on communities in need.
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Surgical Campaign in South Sudan

In January 2024, AscendisMed facilitated a critical surgical campaign in Juba, S. Sudan, focusing on delicate thyroid operations. The initiative resulted in 16 successful surgeries over a span of nine days, bringing specialized medical care to a community that is lacking such services.

Dr. Ryan Winters, a double Board-Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon, was flown in to lead the surgical team through this important mission.

This was the latest in a series of surgical campaigns in South Sudan that AscendisMed has organized, underscoring our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in the communities we serve.

Humanitarian Work in Albania

AscendisMed’s commitment to addressing health disparities in Albania is exemplified through our focused humanitarian efforts for women, children, and the elderly, who are often the most vulnerable in society.

The “Run for the Children” campaign is a prime example of our work in the country, aimed at raising awareness and securing funds for pediatric leukemia patients, in addition to providing financial assistance to affected families.

Our dedication extends to underprivileged patients across Albania, collaborating with insurance companies, hospitals, social workers, and healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care. Our holistic approach not only addresses immediate health needs but also fosters patient recovery and independence. We have launched significant initiatives to support women who, due to financial hardships or personal challenges, struggle to access healthcare.

Moreover, AscendisMed’s teams provide consistent and specialized care for elderly residents in public nursing homes in Tirana, managing chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. This targeted support is vital for improving their quality of life and well-being, underscoring our commitment to the health and dignity of Albania’s most at-risk populations.
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Humanitarian Activity

The Children’s Home of Hope

Under the Ministry of Social Work of Albania and and funds secured by His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios, the Children’s Home of Hope officially opened July 2003. At present they care for over 30 children in a foster care environment providing a home model for the children. The Children’s Home of Hope is open to children that may be orphaned, come from single parent families, or from families with some type of hardship with hope that eventually they may be re-unified. The home provides the children with 3 healthy meals a day (prepared by the staff) and receive regular medical/dental check-ups. As in any family, the directors, like good parents, try to attend to all the needs of the children: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Run for the Children

In 2011, we launched “Run for the Children” in Albania to help raise leukemia awareness and financial support for the children suffering with this disease. Every year, this charity marathon takes place and an estimated 40 cases are expected to benefit.

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Local Aid

We pair up with local charities and individuals dedicated to helping the less fortunate. We prepare and hand out food and daily necessities, refer anyone who needs physical or mental care to the necessary organizations, and help get individuals back on their feet through financial means.

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Special Cases

We support underprivialged patients who due to financial, personal, or professional reasons are unable to receive medical care. We will then, step in and work with insurance companies, hospitals, social workers, and medical staff to ensure the best care. We are dedicated to helping the patient get back on their feet.

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Surgical Campaigns

Every quarter provides South Sudanese or any person in need with a free operation. We see over 200 patients and perform between 30 – 50 operations at the Teaching Hospital, Medical Center, or the main compound. We also conduct blood drives one week prior to the start of the campaign.

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