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The staff at AscendisMed are enthusiastic about their work each day, knowing their service to those in medical distress is a worthy activity.  We also are honored to serve Diplomats, Internationals, and NGO field staff, whose mission impact is difficult to overstate!

How Can You Contribute?

Join Our Team
  • oin our team and make a difference by contributing your skills and passion to our mission.


Financial Support

Your monetary contribution goes a long way in supporting our projects and initiatives.


Time is a valuable resource. Consider donating your time and skills to make a hands-on impact.

Spread the Word

Share our mission with your network. Your voice has the power to inspire others to contribute and be part of something greater.


Be an advocate for change. Speak up for those who need it and champion the causes that matter.

Join Our Team

If you would like to be a part of this exciting mission, we offer various levels of involvement to match your interest

Internship and Volunteer Posting

All countries

Medical/Administration Internship applications are now available in all countries. Scholarship funding is available on a case-by-case basis.

You can still transform lives through donations

If you cannot physically travel to these countries to serve, you can still transform lives through donations (of course, prayers are always greatly appreciated).

Considering the form and function of AscendisMed, we ask that donations be designated for a specific outreach (like supporting expensive surgical campaigns or women and children initiatives).

With 90% of our funding generated from international organizations retaining our service, we ensure that over 95% of your donation is directed towards the cause you choose to support.

We are always interested in hearing new ideas and proposals on extending our reach to assist those in need in every country we work in, embodying our commitment to making a tangible difference in global health and well-being.

Why Contribute?

Every contribution, no matter the size, contributes to a collective force for good. Join us in this journey of transformation. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Contribute now and be a part of something extraordinary!

Empower Change

We make global medical support possible though supporting ES&H in major industry and the corporate compliance.

Transform Lives

Every donation has a ripple effect. It transforms not only the lives directly touched but also entire communities, fostering growth, resilience, and hope.