Why do I get an invoice if I am enrolled in AscendisMed?

The enrollment fee you paid grants access to our service infrastructure. Specifically, it covers the Case Facilitator, the State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms, Ambulances, and ICU – AscendisMed maintains its best-in-the-region infrastructure from the enrollment fee (and by never profit-taking).

Will my insurance company cover the enrollment expenses?

While AscendisMed/MRDCi is on every International Insurance panel – most insurance companies do not pay the enrollment fee.

What does ‘medical care at the international standard’ mean?

The international standard is found in three different sectors:

  1. Literature (Every doctor has access to Up-To-Date service that informs doctors what is considered the standard in the US).
  2. Continuing Education Courses for all Ascendis doctors are required – including attending specialty-specific conferences as often as possible.
  3. Every patient contact involves a Western-trained doctor directly or indirectly through oversight.
How do I enroll my organization?

Write an interest letter to the CD of the country you/your mission reside in, and we will do the rest.

What do I do if a doctor/surgeon recommends surgery (urgently)?

Email Dr. Linderman immediately for him to take oversight and ensure operative criteria are met.

What should I do if I have concerns about the evaluation, treatment, or facilitation through AscendisMed?

Please give the CD or the General Director a call or email alerting us to the concern, giving us a chance to do all that is possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Who do I call when I have a problem with the Electronic Medical Records system (EMR)?

Please call or write the following numbers:

Albania – Sidorela Gorovelli  +355 68 40 91 434

South Sudan – Betty Tonui  +211 92 000 3708

What do I do if I do not have enough money to pay for the treatment I require?

Please call or write the CD or General Director – we will look for funds set to help with these challenging situations.

What number do I call when there is a medical emergency?

There are emergency numbers at the bottom of your enrollment card. Please call the number that best fits your situation.

How do I get routine labs without wanting to visit a doctor?

Go to your Personal AscendisMed Medical Record Access and email the case facilitator in your country, and it will get done quickly.

As an international enrolled in your service, do I need international evacuation insurance?

Yes, AscendisMed requires everyone who hopes to be evacuated in a life-threatening emergency to have and maintain their evacuation insurance.