Diplomatic/ngo missions

For more than 20 years, our name was MRDC (Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps). We were created by the action of the UN country team in Albania and consider service to the diplomatic community as part of our DNA. ​

Overview of Diplomatic Mission Services

At AscendisMed, we are dedicated to providing exceptional specialized services tailored for diplomatic missions. Our comprehensive support extends across a range of areas, including medical services, emergency preparedness, and beyond. With a profound understanding of the distinct needs, we collaborate closely to ensure the successful achievement of their goals. Through our expertise and unwavering commitment, we bring unique value to this sector, offering innovative solutions, expert guidance, and reliable support that empower diplomatic missions to operate effectively and navigate complex challenges with confidence

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International/NGO Mission Services

Retention of a 24/7 Trauma and life support

`After hours` emergency medical care

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Fully equipped ambulance support

Trauma surgeon, ICU, & Anesthesia ready

X-ray, U/S, High Res CT / Pacs - Retained Board Certified Radiologist

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Clinician consultation for routine to life-threatening emergencies

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Full range Laboratory

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`Tie in`with evacuation service & clearance/oversight

ICU/Step-down isolation units with high flow O2 and ventilator support

Medical decision making guided by international standard

Secure premises available to those retaining AscendisMed services

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