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The staff at AscendisMed are enthusiastic about their work each day, knowing their service to those in medical distress is a worthy activity.  We also are honored to serve Diplomats, Internationals, and NGO field staff, whose mission impact is difficult to overstate!

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If you would like to be a part of this exciting mission, we offer various levels of involvement to match your interest

Part-Time and Full-time employment:

Talented employeer

We retain the top talent in each country we serve in, honored to cater to the needs of some of the most distinguished Diplomats, International Staffers, local patients in the world.  

Board Certified

We encourage Board Certified Medical Professionals in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and General Surgery to join are team.

Unique Medical and Cultural Life Experience

Working with AscendisMed offers the unique opportunity to travel to interesting countries and provide care to a wide range of individuals, from the most exceptional diplomats to NGO field workers and people that would not get lifesaving care if you were not there.

Intern/Voluntary Posting

All countries

Medical/Administration Internship applications are now available in all countries. Scholarship funding is available on a case-by-case basis.

Transform lives though donations

Donations be designated for a specific outreach

Considering the form and function of AscendisMed, we ask that donations be designated for a specific outreach (like supporting expensive surgical campaigns or women and children initiatives).

Your donation to your desired effort

With 90% of our funding generated from internationals organizations retaining our service, we ensure that over 95% of your donation is directed towards the cause you choose to support.

Interested in hearing new proposals

We are always interested in hearing new ideas and proposals on extending our reach to assist those in need in every country we work in, embodying our commitment to making a tangible difference in global health and well-being.

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Patient care is not a For-Profit activity, AscendisMed insists and working for excellent outcomes and providing care that easily withstands international scrutiny.

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