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Our Not-for-Profit status seeks to mirror the standards of the world’s most successful and prestigious medical centers. Our aim is to surpass the quality of service found elsewhere in the region without the motive of profit. This allows us to allocate funds toward enhancements in infrastructure and dedicated outreach programs. Unlike for-profit entities, which often prioritize investor returns, AscendisMed is free from this temptation, ensuring our commitment to healthcare excellence and humanitarian efforts.

AscendisMed International is the administrative title for our missions across Europe and East Africa. While each mission operates under AscendisMed International’s umbrella, they are individually registered in their respective countries and are not bound by directives from the International Executive Board. Instead, their obligation is to adhere to local legal requirements, including registration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and relevant Humanitarian Boards, ensuring our operations are aligned with national standards and goals.

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Partners in Progress

Our collaborative initiatives bring together organizations, governments, and communities to address pressing global issues. Discover the breadth of our partnerships.

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Patient care is not a For-Profit activity, AscendisMed strives for excellent outcomes and provides care that easily withstands international scrutiny.

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