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Who We Are

Founded in 2000 as a medical service provider, AscendisMed (formerly known as MRDCi) is one of the few organizations which have adopted a self-sustained Not-For-Profit model. Providing medical services to the international, NGO’s and diplomatic community, we raise the funds necessary to improve our infrastructure and serve the community. However, donations are a secondary source which are used to provide additional support to our surgical campaigns and humanitarian outreaches.
Headquartered in Albania, we partner with the most prestigious Embassies, Missions, and Industries in Albania, Kosovo, Kenya, and South Sudan. The Albanian Desk provides a wide range of services from Remote Medical support for major industries, to assuring the International Standard of medical for the international/diplomat. The proceeds go to children’s issues, Leukemia treatment facilitation, and orphanage support.
Our South Sudan desk provides Emergency Medical support up to level I trauma. Our cooperation with the diplomatic corps and international NGO’s makes this mission possible. The proceeds go to life-saving operations that would not have been possible.
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Mission Statement

AscendisMed stands on three fundamental pillars that shape our dedication to excellence and compassion:

Excellence in Healthcare: Our commitment to always strive for the best possible outcomes in medical care is fueled by the staunch belief that no one should profit from another’s illness or suffering.

Equality and Inclusivity: We ensure that every patient is treated with equal respect and care, irrespective of their faith, skin color, creed, or economic status.

Humanitarian Commitment: After covering operational costs, all proceeds are allocated to humanitarian efforts and strategic infrastructure investments.

Form & Function of AscendisMed​

Our Not-for-Profit status seeks to mirror the standards of the world’s most successful and prestigious medical centers. Our aim is to surpass the quality of service found elsewhere in the region without the motive of profit. This allows us to allocate funds toward enhancements in infrastructure and dedicated outreach programs. Unlike for-profit entities, which often prioritize investor returns, AscendisMed is free from this temptation, ensuring our commitment to healthcare excellence and humanitarian efforts.

AscendisMed International is the administrative title for our missions across Europe and East Africa. While each mission operates under AscendisMed International’s umbrella, they are individually registered in their respective countries and are not bound by directives from the International Executive Board. Instead, their obligation is to adhere to local legal requirements, including registration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and relevant Humanitarian Boards, ensuring our operations are aligned with national standards and goals.

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Our Leadership​

doctor Dr. Charles Linderman

Dr. Charles Linderman

Co-Founder and General Director

Leads AscendisMed’s (formerly known as MRDCi) leadership team. Over 22 years of surgery and trauma experience in Europe, USA, and Africa.

doctor Dr. Paula Dickey

Dr. Paula Dickey

Regional Director – East Africa

30 years of experience in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union as a medical services provider and administrator of humanitarian relief work.

Dr. Entela Shehu

Dr. Entela Shehu

Country Director for Albania

Prestigious experience in NGO management & development.

Dr. Herbert Turyagyenda

Dr. Herbert Turyagyenda

Country Director South Sudan

Country Director in South Sudan for more than five year.

Carl Burch image ascnedismed international

Carl Burch

Country Director Uganda

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Patient care is not a For-Profit activity, AscendisMed strives for excellent outcomes and provides care that easily withstands international scrutiny.

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